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Thank you for an AMAZING 28th dance...June Dance Camp will be held June 24-27th 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Dress Code

(They can be short or long)

NO T-SHIRTS, TANK TOPS OR PANTS ALLOWED IN BALLET CLASS.  Tight shorts may be worn “IF” they are approved by Mrs. Natalie.  Here is a list of items that all dance students will need.

Ballet, Tap, and Jazz Ballet and Tap
Black Leotard Black Leotard
Ballet Pink Tights (Capezio, no seam) Ballet Pink Tights (Capezio, no seam)
Caramel Tights OR Caramel Tights
Pink Ballet Shoes Pink Ballet Shoes
Black slip-on Jazz Shoes or pedini

Caramel slip-on Tap Shoes

Tan Tap Shoes
*Black slip-on Tap Shoes

*  Advanced Tap, Coralbells, Irises, Orchids, Wildflowers  only

Specialty Classes

Intermediate and Advance Tap Child Care Students Lyrical Pointe
Black Slip-on Tap Shoes Pink Leotard and Tights
Pink Ballet Shoes
Tan Tap Shoes
Caramel slip-on jazz shoes or caramel foot undies or pirouette shoes Pointe Shoes

Online Retailers

The websites below offer many of the items in our dress code list. There are many, many, more. If your budget is tight, look through them all. Most offer the exact same items for different prices.